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2012-08-28 04:05:35 by ZONE-DelSoul

Z.O.N.E is a ruthless military organization that rules one third of the world and underground business in various areas. Its existance is largely unknown but those who do know of it are greatly afraid and swear to never speak of it in fear of being targeted for elimination. It is unknown whether Z.O.N.E is hired or if it operates under its own interests. Its victims are primarily high priority criminals, killers, or shady underground businessman. It seems as though that it seeks to kill those those that they feel are seen as "evil" or "corrupt", acting as a vigilante kind of organization instead of being heartless murderers. This is seen first hand when Zeo incapacitates his target's defenders with the butt of his gun instead of shooting them.

They have a special group of strong individuals, the Z.O.N.E Numbers or sometimes known as Guardians, who assassinate various targets in the way of the organization.

ZONE's forces consist of both human soldiers, Animal soldiers and a large variety of robots that are just as complicated and powerful as those of Dr. Eggman. The ZONE robots are powered by Chaos Drives, power cores invented by Gerald Robotnik after researching Chaos Emeralds, Z.O.N.E and G.U.N has there share of trades in technology along the way.

Foot troops of ZONE armed with combat knives or a variety of firearms. They mostly wear black and red, but they also have green, tan, black and brown camouflage clothes for jungle areas, and commonly are armed with pistols, rifles and over-shoulder explosives.

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